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Art therapy with adults

There are times when a person needs a place where they can connect, feel, think, try, and dare to change.


When do adults seek art therapy?

People may seek art therapy for a variety of reasons, including following a crisis, a traumatic experience, ongoing life situations like depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, problems in creating and maintaining a relationship, mental or physical illness, or even to learn about various issues for the improvement of their mental well-being. In art therapy, there is also the possibility of having a conversation, but more hidden and non-verbal contents can emerge and receive attention when working with art materials. Consequently, adults will seek art therapy when they want to bypass verbal barriers, discover new parts of themselves within an attentive therapeutic relationship, and experience playfulness.

What do we actually do?

Most adults haven't used art materials in many years, so it may seem childish at first. Sometimes they fear that the therapist will analyze their works in a way that is too revealing and unsafe for them, and maybe even judge them for their lack of artistic talent. You don't need any experience or artistic inclination to participate in art therapy! The art materials and the personal creative process will be used to discover the powers and creativity inherent in a person since childhood, before words could organize and protect their thoughts and feelings. Art is used based on the person's personal needs and desires and is used to connect the person with themselves first and foremost. Art is another language that can be used in the meeting to support the therapeutic process. 

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